These events are free and open to the general public!
Monthly program meetings for Spring 2019 are held at the James V. Brown Library in downtown Williamsport, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Join us at 6:00 pm if you can, to hear about LAS news and activities and to share bird and wildlife observations with like-minded folks. If 6:00 pm is too early for you, by all means feel free to join us at 6:30 pm for the evening's program. Meetings are held in the Lowry Room on the 3rd floor of the Library's Welch Wing. The Lowry Room is easy to find from the main parking lot just off Market Street.  An elevator is available from the first floor lobby.

22 January 2020
“Yellowstone” with Ray Rathmell of Clinton County

Ray is a retired Keystone Central teacher and is now a photographer
and avid outdoors man. The program will cover he and his wife's 21 year
experience of volunteering in a variety of capacities in Yellowstone National Park. The program will consist of two 18 minute presentations entitled "Winter in Yellowstone" and "Spring in Yellowstone". Ray also had the pleasure of being part of the Wolf Restoration Program for six seasons and will include information about the progress of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

26 February 2020
“Raptors and Climate Change” with Jean-Francois Therrien, Senior Scientist and Graduate Study Director at Hawk Mountain.

Climate change is affecting the distribution, abundance, and phenology of organisms globally, and it provokes profound impacts on population
and ecosystem dynamics. At the top of food webs, raptors are a key indicator species, as they integrate signals from lower trophic level organisms. Join us as Dr. Therrien depicts the challenges associated with unraveling how raptors are reacting to the ongoing climate change and the importance of studying them, in order to protect them.