These events are free and open to the general public!
Monthly program meetings for Spring 2019 are held at the James V. Brown Library in downtown Williamsport, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Join us at 6:00 pm if you can, to hear about LAS news and activities and to share bird and wildlife observations with like-minded folks. If 6:00 pm is too early for you, by all means feel free to join us at 6:30 pm for the evening's program. Meetings are held in the Lowry Room on the 3rd floor of the Library's Welch Wing. The Lowry Room is easy to find from the main parking lot just off Market Street.  An elevator is available from the first floor lobby.

25 September 2019
“Restoring Imperiled Young Forest Communities” (rescheduled program) with Lisa M. Williams, Wildlife Biologist - PA Game Commission

Lisa is the Game Commission Species Specialist for ruffed grouse, woodcock, mourning doves and webless waterfowl (coots, rails, snipe, moorhen, and gallinules). Her particular interest lies in the restoration and management of young forests and other early succession habitats. The loss of these habitats across Pennsylvania and throughout the East has resulted in widespread species declines. Fortunately it is a crisis that can be solved through responsible management of our forests and shrub lands. For this reason, Lisa places a high emphasis on public outreach, education and collaboration.

23 October 2019
“Everything Peregrine” with Michael Kuriga, Falconer

“Sitting at the stoplight on Campbell Street at Fourth, I see a bird flying towards the top of the Wightman Block building. That looks like a falcon! I contacted Ron Beach and a few days later we were out looking for a falcon to return. Unfortunately, it didn’t but an idea was formed that day: “Why not put up a hacking box and do a release like it was being done out west? That was the spark that started the LAS Peregrine release project. Michael will tell the story, and explain the physiology of the peregrine and of his education talks, and also have his educational Peregrine for an up close and personal experience! Cameras are welcome.

20 November 2019
“Birds Among the Modern and Ancient Maya” with Rob Fergus

How did the Turkey Vulture get its red head? Which bird did the Ancient Mayan creator god transform into in order to bring messages to people? Which bird eggs have magical powers among the Chontal Maya of Tabasco, Mexico? What bird warns Lacandon Maya farmers if a dangerous snake may be nearby? What messages do owls bring to modern Chol, Ch’orti’, Mopan, and other Mayan speakers? Ancient and Modern Maya communities have over 2000 years of extensive cultural interactions with birds. Since 2006 Rob Fergus has been working with linguist Kerry Hull (BYU) and native Mayan speakers to document and study bird names and folklore among nine Mayan language communities in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. This presentation provides a glimpse into fascinating cultural worlds, where birds are community members that bring important messages, warnings, and healing to the lives of their human neighbors. Rob presently teaches at Rowan University and is president of the Birding Club of Delaware Valley.