Photo Gallery

Local bird photographs that appeared on our Home Page are archived in this Photo Gallery.  

These wonderful photographs are contributed by Wayne Laubscher unless otherwise noted

 Golden-winged Warbler, Huntingdon Co., Lake Raystown area 5/31/14
Golden-wingeed warbler, Bedford Co., Everett area 5/27/15

Snowy Owl -12/19/17 - Keiss Hill Road - Lycoming County

American Avocets - 7/4/17 - Williamsport Dam
First known recording of this large shorebird in Lycoming County.

Dickcissels - 6/27/17 - near Clinton Cty Fairgrounds

N. Harrier - 12/31/16 - Lock Hacen Jersey Shore CBC

Snowy Owl - 1/8/17 near Le Raysville, Bradford Cty

Bluebird - 12/31/16 - Lock Haven-Jersey Shore CBC

Northern Harrier - Fall 2016

Adult Rufous Hummingbird banded in Elmsport 11/25/16 by Wayne Laubscher

same Rufous Hummingbird as above

Greater White-fronted Geese with Canada Geese - Feb. 2016, observed in Centre, Clinton and Tioga Counties

Western Tanager seen near State College, winter 2015/2016

Trumpeter Swan - 8/26/15 Williamsport

Pine Warbler - June 2015 Scotia Barrens

Peregrine Falcon chick being banded - 6/2015 McElhatten Bridge

Another photo of the banding - not happy!

Golden Winged Warbler - 5/2015 Bedford County

Northern Harrier - 12/27/14 Jackson Township, Lycoming County

Long Tailed Duck - 1/24/15 Susquehanna River Walk
Photo by David Brown

Lapland Longspurs, Snow Bunting and Horned Larks (top) and Lapland Longspurs (bottom) - Winter 2015
Top photo by David Brown/bottom photo by Wayne Laubscher

Bonaparte's Gull - 11/21/14 - Rose Valley Lake
David Brown

Ring Billed Gull - 11/21/14 - Rose Valley Lake
David Brown

American Pipit - November 2014, Muncy area
Photo by David Brown

Sharp-shinned Hawk over White Deer Ridge, fall 2014
Photo by David Brown

Trumpeter Swan, photo by David Brown taken locally fall, 2014

Red Eyed Vireo - 8/18/14 Woolrich, Clinton County
Photo by Charles Hildebrand

Peregrine Nestling being banded - 7/18/14 Muncy River Bridge,  Lycoming County

Grasshopper Sparrow - 6/29/14 Sligo, Clarion County

Great Egret - 6/29/14 Mill Hall, Clinton County 

Upland Sandpiper - 6/29/14 Sligo, Clarion County
This bird is a rare Pa. nester and found in fields and reclamation areas.

Baby Bluebirds -5/20/14 Lime Bluff Park, Hughesville (Photo by Dan Alters)

Golden Winged Warbler - 5/13/14 near Lake Raystown, Huntingdon County

 Piebald hummingbird- 5/23/14 Barbours, Lycoming County

 Magnolia Warbler - 5/17/14 Lick Run Clinton County 

Northern Parula - 5/17/14 Lick Run, Clinton County

Franklin Gull - 5/2014 Bald Eagle State Park 

 Glossy Ibis - 4/30/14 Mill Hall, Clinton County
Wayne Laubscher holding a Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl after banding 2/28/14 (Brent Bacon Photo)

Northern Harrier - 2/11/14 Montour County
Northern Harrier - 2/11/14 Montour County
Short-eared Owl - 2/11/14 Northumberland County
Peregrine Falcon - 7/8/13 Market St. Bridge, Williamsport
Peregrine Falcon - 12/15/12 South Williamsport