Field Trips

Our field trips are fun with lots of awe and laughter!  We are always open to introducing people to the magic of birds and birding is for all ages and abilities.  So ... put your cell phones down and allow your spirits to be refreshed by joining us on one or more of the sixteen field trips listed below. Look them over, mark you calendar, and remember we have loaner binoculars. No matter what your birdwatching level may be, we are all learners; you will fit right in. Best of all, you will make new friends. Questions? Chat with anyone of the listed leaders; we are a helpful bunch. 
Good Birding ... Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip Coordinator. 

Bird Watching Friends ... The migratory pendulum has been in dead center, but it is changing, in a southerly direction:
  • The Cardinals and Carolina Wrens in our back yard are singing their hearts out: been sharing nesting space with thrashers, house wrens, catbirds, towhees, grackles, et al for too long, and want their families to rest in peace for a while!
So friends, get you fall gear together, consider putting these trips in your calendar and remember, we have loaner binoculars for you and the friends you invite. Best of all, come and be welcomed by a beautiful group of folks who love to be out and about (and don't worry about bird watching skills, we all learn something, every time).  

Best to you ... Larry Waltz, LAS Field trip Coordinator (570-323-2385).

Fall 2018 (Sep/Dec)
Check LAS ListServ and Facebook for schedule additions/changes.
    Explore the forested valley trails for early fall migrants. This popular birding spot has plenty of brush that provides good fall and winter habitat. Directions: From Duboistown, head south on Valley St. for a half mile then turn left onto Mosquito Valley Road. Stay left across the one lane bridge, follow Mosquito Valley Road all the way to the end, and park in the visitor parking lot on the left. After returning to the parking area from our morning birding, some of us will take a half mile detour up Waterdale Road as we descend Mosquito Valley Road to see the newly constructed LAS chimney swift tower.  The tower is located in a field near the old lodge (now the Waterdale Environmental Education Center) and our volunteers will be using it in our educational programming for local school districts.  
    Leaders: ERIC HARTSHAW (570-433-4715) and Gary Metzger (570 651-0121).
  1. HAWK WATCH, ROUTE 15 OVERLOOK (15Sep-Sat-9am): This hawk watch is close to home, inviting and beautiful: it is handicapped accessible and an easy walk, not to mention a spectacular view of the Susquehanna Valley. These particular days in September, Broad-winged Hawks are more abundant as they take advantage of good winds and appropriate weather patterns. Given good weather and a little luck, we may see several hundred broad-wings, and smaller numbers of several other species of raptors. Directions: Market Street south on Rte 15 past the overlook to the legal U-turn. Come back to the overlook parking lot on the right. Counter: BOBBY BROWN, with other experienced birders present to assist inexperienced hawk watchers with spotting and identifying migrating raptors. Check LAS ListServ and Facebook for changes due to weather.
2a. IMPROMPTU HAWK WATCH, ROUTE 15 OVERLOOK (TBA sometime between 10Sept & 21Sept at 9:30 am):  LAS will be coordinating with STEP and their various Senior Centers here in the valley to introduce their senior clients to hawk watching.  Anyone is welcome to join in, of course.  Watch for the date to be posted in the Senior Centers, on the LAS listserv and on the LAS Facebook page.  Leader:  Gary Metzger (570 651-0121)
  1. GLACIER POOLS PRESERVE BIRDING AND GEOLOGY WALK (22Sep-Sat-8:30am): Meet at the Preserve at 8:30 or in the SE corner of the Montoursville Walmart parking lot at 8:00 to carpool to the Preserve which is located near Picture Rocks.  Tour this spectacular hilltop property which the owners, Michael and Rickie Gross, have set aside in perpetuity for the public’s enjoyment. With experienced Lycoming Audubon birders, enjoy the many resident and fall migrant species of birds that take advantage of these woodlands and fields. Leader: GARY METZGER (570-651-0121c).
  1. SUSQUEHANNA RIVER WALK, SOUTH SIDE (29Sep-Sat-9am): This is an easy walking event. Meet your leader and other birders at South WilliamsportRecycling CenterDirections: go west from Market Street on W. Southern Ave in S. Wmspt. to the 700 block past CVS. Look for “Cross Fit Promise” Co. at Poke Alley, turning right and travel two blocks to recycling center. Join LAS on top of dike on the river walk. You will the good chance to view waterfowl and species of raptors like Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and Red-tailed Hawks. Birds frequent the brush and trees along the walking path. Leaders: JEAN DALTON (570-777-0713c) and MADDI DUNLAP ( ).
  1. GRASSLAND SPARROWS, COGAN HOUSE TOWNSHIP (6Oct-Sat-8:30): Directions: Gather at Fry’s Turkey Ranch (USRt.15, 7 mi. north of Trout Run, exiting at Steam Valley SRt.184) restaurant to consolidate cars and then we will travel to the Lenhart property. We will walk trails, pause to enjoy the Allegheny Plateau vistas and quietly observe a high quality steam. Wear water resistant shoes and prepare for field situations. Leaders: BOBBY BROWN(, LARRY WALTZ (570-323-2385h),
  1. WETLANDS, LOCK HAVEN (13Oct-Sat-7:30am): Target sparrows: Nelson’s and Lincoln, plus other wetland species. Directions: take Mill Hall exit off Rte. 220 just west of Lock Haven to Rte. 150 traffic light. Cross intersection, noting Sheetz gas and parking at Ruby Tues restaurant where Wayne will meet us. The Central Mountains wetland is about two miles away. Leader: WAYNE LAUBSCHER (570-748-7511c). 
  1. MUNCY HERITAGE PARK AND BRADY HERITAGE PARK (20Oct-Sat-8:30 AM):  We’ll stroll around this charming little historical park birding the treelines, pond, wooded wetlands and the nearby Susquehanna River.  Then we’ll caravan across town to the very end of Market Street to explore the newest MuncyHistorical Society Park, the Brady Heritage Park.  We’ll bird the trail and someone from the Society will give us a brief description of the fascinating history associated with this property and the Historical Society’s plans for this park to celebrate that history.  Directions:  exit I-180 to Muncy (Water Street), left at traffic light onto Main Street and travel (south) 7-8 blocks and alleys to Pepper Street.  Turn right (west) and go all the way to the Susquehanna River and MuncyHeritage Park.  Leader:  Gary Metzger (570 651-0121).
  1. ROSE VALLEY LAKE (28Oct-Sun-8:30am). At Rose Valley rendezvous at the South launch. Group will slowly make their way counter clockwise around the lake, finishing at the North boat launch. Leader: LARRY WALTZ (570-323-2385).
  1. SAW-WHET OWL BANDING, SWISSDALE (Impromptu Oct/Nov-selected Fri/Sat nights-9pm) LAS’s board member, Wayne Laubscher, one of a handful of Pennsylvanians licensed to band various species of birds, is inviting LAS folks to come to his farm and witness what few do: the banding of PA’s smallest owl. The process includes calculations for weight, coloration, condition and other general measurements. He might even offer you an opportunity to momentarily hold and release. Bring your wellies, hat, gloves (nights are chilly). Leader: WAYNE LAUBSCHER (570-660-5161c) will post Fri/Sat night observations on LAS ListServ and Facebook. 
  1. HAWK WATCH, ROUTE 15 OVERLOOK (3Nov-Sat-9am): Though fewer raptors migrate in November, this is the time of the year to see Golden Eagles! With good winds, early November days can produce a parade of Red-tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles. With a spectacular view of the distant hills and the Susquehanna River valley below, combined with a chance to chat with fellow birders, it is well worth the effort, but dress warm… the best days tend to be the coldest ones! Directions: Market Street south on Rte 15 past the overlook to the legal U-turn. Come back to the overlook parking lot on the right. Counter: BOBBY BROWN, with other experienced birders present to assist inexperienced hawk watchers with spotting and identifying migrating raptors. Hawk watching in November is highly weather sensitive, so check LAS ListServ and Facebook for schedule changes.
  1. SUSQUEHANNA RIVER WALK, NORTH SIDE (10Nov-Sat-9am): This is an easy walking event. Meet LAS leaders on the River Walk on the Williamsport side using the river edge parking lot at the foot of Hepburn St. You will look for waterfowl and enjoy species of raptors like Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and Red-tailed Hawks. Leaders: JEAN DALTON (570-777-0713c) and MADDI DUNLAP ( ).
  1. SHORT-EARED OWLS, MILL HILL ROAD (2Dec-Sun-4pm ‘till dark): The Ulmer family has graciously permitted us to view raptors at dusk in their set-aside fields. Target birds: Short-eared Owls, Northern Harriers, Kestrels and other seasonal field species. We will gather at the State Road United Methodist Church (SRUMC) parking lot in Lycoming Township (6738 Daugherty’s Run Rd). Directions: 1. From Williamsport Ford dealership (3600 West Fourth St), North on Daugherty’s Run Road for 6.7 mi. (note: Bottle Run Rd at 3 mi., at 6 mi, Kiess Hill Rd.) continuing right 0.7 mi., on Daugherty’s Run Rd. to the white church on right. 2. From old Rte. 15/Lycoming Creek Rd. Cogan Station, Left/West on Rte. 973 for 3.9 mi. At that point look for “Linden” directional sign, then Left on Daugherty’s Run Rd. 1.5 mi. to SRUMC. Leader: LARRY WALTZ (570-323-2385h).

Christmas Bird Counts
(Volunteer to join one of the multiple teams, each lead by key LAS birder)
Coordinator: DAVID BROWN (570-772-9262c)
Dates: 1. Metro Williamsport (Sat-15Dec), 2. No. Lycoming County (Sat-29Dec)

Larry Waltz
LAS Field Trip Coordinator
(570-323-2385h, )