Field Trips

Our field trips are fun with lots of awe and laughter!  We are always open to introducing people to the magic of birds and birding is for all ages and abilities.  So ... put your cell phones down and allow your spirits to be refreshed by joining us on one or more of the fifteen field trips listed below. Look them over, mark you calendar, and remember we have loaner binoculars. No matter what your birdwatching level may be, we are all learners; you will fit right in. Best of all, you will make new friends. Questions? Chat with anyone of the listed leaders; we are a helpful bunch. 
Good Birding ... Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip Coordinator. 

(March – June)

1.    AMERICAN WOODCOCK WATCH (TENTATIVE DATE 9Mar-Sat-5:45pm till dark, check ListServ/LAS Facebook for changes based on weather conditions): Gather at the Mill Street yellow gate RR crossing, Montoursville. We will organize car pool, relock the gate and proceed slowly, stopping and walking, listening several times. Woodcock vocalization occurs while on the ground with the distinctive “Beent”; their wing flight sounds produce high pitched twitter on take off and quick turns. Directions: Mill Street is immediately on the right after and east crossing of the green bridge going into Montoursville. Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c), and BOBBY BROWN  

    2.    “LEADERS’ CHOICE” (16Mar-Sat-8:30am). For Saturday's Leaders' Choice walk, we are going to bird the South Williamsport side of the river walk. Meet on the river walk by the recycling center at 8:30am. Some recent species seen in that area are: Red-necked Grebe, Canvasback, Scaup, Ring-billed and Herring Gulls, and of course, the pair of Peregrine Falcons.

For those interested, we will probably go check out South Williamsport Park afterwards to see if there are any ducks (Northern Pintails, American Wigeons, Green-winged Teal, etc.) in the flooded field adjacent to the wetland on the east side of the park.

What birding spot is ‘hot’? Will there be a surprise rarity to chase? Trip details will be posted on Thursday, March 14. With March typically favoring waterfowl, gulls and raptors, the trip might be one of our local hawk watches, at a spot with a concentration of ducks, or perhaps somewhere else that is being particularly productive. Watch for info on LAS ListServ/Facebook or other media.) Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c) and BOBBY BROWN

    3.    ***CANCELED BECAUSE LAKE IS FROZEN***: ROSE VALLEY LAKE SOJOURN (23Mar-Sat-8am): Meet LAS birders at the South launch of Rose Valley Lake for sighting a wide variety of waterfowl. If you have a spotting scope, bring it. We will also take time to ID land birds along the road. Birders will slowly make their way counter clockwise around the lake, finishing at the North boat launch. This is an easy-walk-and-ride event. Leader: Leader: RON BEACH (570-368-2921).

    4.    SUSQUEHANNA RIVER WALK, So. Wmspt Community Park (30Mar-Sat-8:30am): Meet at the parking lot across from the senior center in South Side (East Central Ave. near Little League stadia) where we will walk on the River Walk up to Market Street. Leaders: JEAN DALTON (570-777-0713c) and MADDI DUNLAP

    5.    “LEADERS’ CHOICE” (6Apr-Sat-8:30am). What birding spot is ‘hot’? Will there be a surprise rarity to chase? Trip details will be posted on Thursday, April 4. Sparrow migration should be in full swing and the first push of early warblers will likely underway. We may head to Mill St. or Canfield Island, or maybe the weather forecast will suggest the potential for tern and/or scoter fallout at Rose Valley Lake. Watch for info on LAS ListServ/Facebook or other media. Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c) and BOBBY BROWN

    6.    SPRING WALK AT STATE GAME LAND 252 (13Apr-Sat-8am): A prime birding spot that produces a nice variety of spring migrants. Directions: Travel south Rte. 15 out of South Williamsport over the mountain to first traffic light (Elimsport Rd., Rte.54). Turn right (west) across county for approx 5mi turning left (south) on Rte.2004 (Alvira Rd.). Drive about a mile to third parking lot on left in the Game Lands. Dress warm, consider tick protection and have water resistant foot wear. Leaders: DAN BRAUNING and GARY METZGER (570-651-0121).

    7.    SUSQUEHANNA RIVERWALK AT COMMERCE PARK (27Apr-Sat-8:30am). We will walk the eastern end of the RiverWalk, Commerce Park Drive to Market St.  Meet at the ‘‘Park and Ride” and look for the “Audubon Event” sign. Directions:  Heading east on 180, take the Faxon Ext. Turn right onto Commerce Park Drive, the parking lot is right there.  If you are heading west on 180, you will take the Faxon exit, turning left at the light, going under the highway and taking the 1st left onto Commerce Park Drive.  We will then cross Commerce Park Drive as a group and walk that end of the Riverwalk north side, to the Water Tower Square area or perhaps beyond as time permits. Leaders:  JEAN DALTON (570-777-0713c) and MADDI DUNLAP

    8.    WILLIAMSPORT WATER AUTHORITY, MOSQUITO VALLEY (4May-Sat-8:30): Forested trails with plenty of brushy habitat as warbler migration starts to ramp up. This location is a prime spot for Hooded and Blackburnian Warblers, as well as hosting a variety of other warbler species.  Directions: Take Valley St. south from Duboistown for a half mile then turn left onto Mosquito Valley Road, taking it all the way to the end meeting birders at the Water Authority’s visitor parking lot. Leader: ERIC HARTSHAW (570-433-4715).

    9.    BIRDING AND WILDFLOWER BEGINNER’S WALK CANFIELD ISLAND (5May-Sun-2:30pm): Take a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll around Canfield Island to appreciate the spring migration, landscape and the Susquehanna River. We will stop and chat not only about birds, but wildflowers and some local history. Directions: Travel east on I-180/USRt.220 taking exit #23 (“Warrensville”), turning right at traffic light, taking road behind  Motel 8 to the Riverfront Park pavilion on the left. Leaders: NANCY HORNBERGER (570-916-1637) and LARRY WALTZ (570-323-2385).

    10.    PA ANNUAL SPRING MIGRATION COUNT (11May-Sat-all day): Small groups and individuals cover designated areas of Lycoming County and record the numbers of each species encountered. Anyone interested in participating please contact facilitator: BOBBY BROWN

    11.    CELEBRATING THE LOYALSOCK at BARBOURS (18May-Sat-8:30am): Arrangements have been made for Lycoming Audubon to meet on the Loyalsock Creek with an easy, one mile, quiet walk in/near the village of Barbours. Settings: in addition to several nice views of the creek there is a back-water impoundment, mature and emerging forest, open fields, and spacious distant horizons for raptor viewing. We will organize the day at 8:30am on the front steps of the stone township building, 179 Dunwoody Road.  Hospitalities there include parking all morning, restrooms, and a pavilion for those who might want to bring a bag lunch. Directions: Follow Rt. 87 North out of Montoursville for approx. 16 miles, turn Left onto Dunwoody Rd. The twp. building is about 1/4 of a mile in on the right (note the playground, and signage for the library). A travel alternative: join a 7:45am car pool, gathering at Walmart, Montoursville (Wendy’s side) Leader: LARRY WALTZ  (570-323-2385). 

    12.    COGAN HOUSE RAMBLE (25May-8:30am): Directions: Gather at Fry’s Turkey Ranch (Rte.15, 7 mi. north of Trout Run, exiting at Steam Valley Rte.184) restaurant to consolidate car rides and then, we will travel to the Lenhart property. We will walk mowed field trails looking for late migrants and nesting birds (ex. Bobolink, Meadowlark), pause to enjoy the Allegheny Plateau vistas and conclude with enjoying a wooded, high-quality steam. Wear water resistant shoes and prepare for seasonal field situations. Leaders: BOBBY BROWN, LARRY WALTZ, (570-323-2385).

    13.    “LEADERS’ CHOICE” (1Jun-Sat-8:00am). What birding spot is ‘hot’? Trip details will be posted on Thursday, May 30. As migration winds down and many birds settle into breeding territories, we should have a chance to get good looks at various species, including a variety of warblers. We will likely favor a spot with a lot of songbirds. Watch for info on LAS ListServ/Facebook or other media. Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c) and BOBBY BROWN

    14.    SCOTIA BARRENS, State College (5Jun-Wed-7:30am): We will gather on the east side of Walmart (near Wendy’s in Montoursville) and carpool to the west side of State College. The Barrens are, in part, a mountain wetland with unusual habitat and interesting bird life. This will be as exploratory/experimental LAS field trip with limited space. Registration taken after 1May (Wed), closed by 23May (Thu), with LARRY WALTZ Field trip leader: WAYNE LAUBSCHER (570-748-7511).

    15.    SUGAR VALLEY for Purple Martins (12Jun-Wed-6:30pm): Meet at 6:30pm in the parking lot of Santino’s Restaurant, Jersey Shore, to organize a car pool (those interested in sharing a pizza, gather at our reserved table in the restaurant at 5:15pm. Meal reservations to be made with LARRY WALTZ: ) We will travel to an Amish farm, joining this family which has had unusual success in having the Martins return yearly to their four ‘condominiums’. Leader: MIKE KURIGA (570-322-1007). Note: watch LAS ListServe for last minute update.

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Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip coordinator (570-323-2385)
(2, 18, 24Feb19)