Field Trips

Our field trips are fun with lots of awe and laughter!  We are always open to introducing people to the magic of birds and birding is for all ages and abilities.  So ... put your cell phones down and allow your spirits to be refreshed by joining us on one or more of the seven field trips listed below. Look them over, mark you calendar, and remember we have loaner binoculars. No matter what your birdwatching level may be, we are all learners; you will fit right in. Best of all, you will make new friends. Questions? Chat with anyone of the listed leaders; we are a helpful bunch. 
Good Birding ... Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip Coordinator.

FALL 2019 (Sep/Dec)
(Check LAS ListServ, Facebook and other sites for schedule additions/changes.)

  1. PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY OF ORNITHOLOGY WEEKEND (13-15Sep): The Lycoming Audubon Society will host over a hundred birders and share leadership in this  state-wide annual gathering, this year held in Williamsport at the Holiday Inn.
  1.  “LEADERS’ CHOICE Rose Valley Lake (21Sep-Sat-8:00a): Meet at the south boat launch. I am also bumping the time up to 8am. If you need to come a little late, we should be at the south end of the lake for a bit, so you should be able to find us. Bring a jacket; it's been chilly there in the morning. Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c) and BOBBY BROWN
  1. SUSQUEHANNA RIVER WALK, SOUTH SIDE (28Sep-Sat-9am): This is an easy walking event. Meet your leader and other birders at South Williamsport Recycling Center. Directions: go west from Market Street on W. Southern Ave in S. Wmspt. to the 700 block past CVS. Look for “Cross Fit Promise” Co. at Poke Alley, turning right and travel two blocks to recycling center. Join LAS on top of dike on the river walk. There you will have a good chance to view waterfowl and species of raptors like Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and Red-tailed Hawks. Birds frequent the brush and trees along the walking path. Leaders: JEAN DALTON (570-777-0713c) and MADDI DUNLAP (
  1. GRASSLAND SPARROWS, COGAN HOUSE TOWNSHIP (5Oct-Sat-8:30): Directions: Gather at Fry’s Turkey Ranch restaurant (USRt.15, 7 mi. north of Trout Run, exiting at Steam Valley SRt.184) to consolidate cars and then travel to the birding site. We will walk prepared field trails, bird forest edges, pause to enjoy the Allegheny Plateau vistas and observe a high quality, quiet steam. Wear water resistant shoes and prepare for field situations. Leader: LARRY WALTZ ( (570-323-2385h).
  1. WETLANDS, LOCK HAVEN (12Oct-Sat-7:30am): Target sparrows: Nelson’s and Lincoln, plus other wetland species. Directions: take Mill Hall exit off Rte. 220 just west of Lock Haven to Rte. 150 traffic light. Cross intersection, noting Sheetz gas and parking at Ruby Tues restaurant where Wayne will meet us. The Central Mountains wetland is about two miles away. Leader: WAYNE LAUBSCHER (570-748-7511c). 
  1. ROSE VALLEY LAKE (27Oct-Sun-8:30am): At the lake, rendezvous at the South launch. Group will slowly make their way counter clockwise around the lake, finishing at the North boat launch. Leader: LARRY WALTZ (570-323-2385).
  1. SAW-WHET OWL BANDING, SWISSDALE (Impromptu Oct/Nov-selected Fri/Sat nights-9pm): LAS’s board member, Wayne Laubscher, one of a handful of Pennsylvanians licensed to band various species of birds, is inviting LAS folks to come to his farm and witness what few do: the banding of PA’s smallest owl. The process includes calculations for weight, coloration, condition and other general measurements. He might even offer you an opportunity to momentarily hold and release. Bring your wellies, hat, gloves (nights are chilly). Leader: WAYNE LAUBSCHER (570-660-5161c) will post Fri/Sat night observations on LAS ListServ, Facebook and other media.
  1. LEADERS’ CHOICE (2Nov-Sat-8:30a): What birding spot is ‘hot’? In any case, enjoy a comfortable walk and meet new people your age and experience. Trip details will be posted on Thursday, Oct 31. Watch for info on LAS ListServ, Facebook and other media. Leaders: DEB BROWN, (570-772-8794c) and BOBBY BROWN
  1. CROW RELOCATION Downtown Williamsport (Nov-Feb): Last season (2018-19), anywhere from four to twelve people gathered outside the Community Arts Center, usually three times a week from 7 to 8:30p for about 12 weeks. In cooperation with city government, Lycoming Audubon was able to gently, with strobe flashlights and a persistent presence, relocate several hundred American Crows away from the beautiful Oak tree across the street. The birds adopted a neutral and quiet center-city location away from people, and the oak tree was saved (there was talk of cutting it down as a way to deal with the birds!). It turned out to be a win-win. So, because we need to do it again this season, come and join us; we could use your help. It’s for the common good, right? Watch for details. Facilitator: MADDI DUNLAP (
  1. and 11.                             
Two Annual Christmas Bird Counts
(a project of Cornell University Labs
 for over a hundred years)
Contact and volunteer to join
one of the multiple teams, each led by a key LAS birder
DAVID BROWN (570-772-9262c)
a.       Metro Williamsport (Sat-21Dec)
b.       No. Lycoming County (Sat-4Jan)

* * * * * * *
Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip coordinator (570-323-2385)