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This snowy Owl was seen along Kiess Hill Road on 12/9/17.  The forecast is for snowies to irrupt South this winter.  YAY!


In 2015, Lycoming Audubon embarked on an effort to engage the community in who we are, what we do and why we do it. We put up three interpretive signs on the Riverwalk encouraging all who read them to think about the natural world and its splendor right here in our river valley. We reached out with Facebook to now over 700 “friends” and through our newsletters as well as through the Bird Lore Column in the outdoor section of the Sun Gazette. We encouraged guests and newcomers to attend Programs and Field Trips and provided enticing speakers and binoculars to enrich those experiences. And LAS indeed is now “out there”. We have become a part of the fabric of this community, and for that we are grateful.

But … getting what you wish for can have a down side and we have come up against that down side this past year. We have been approached by many for presentations and attendance at events and we frankly just don't have the cadre of volunteers to support all of the requests.  Recently we've been asked to participate with the Picture Rocks Lion's Club, Manor Care South, Waterdale Environmental Center Open House and outdoor education sessions for various local school districts, Lime Bluff Recreation Authority, local Girl Scout troops, Rider Park, the Master Gardeners, Little Pine State Park, the Fall Festival in Montoursville. These are the ones we said “yes” to. There were other requests that we declined because we just didn't have the people to make it happen. We would like to be in a position to say yes to the others as well. 

If you want to teach children about the magic of birds and the importance of conservation - or if you want to answer questions about LAS from behind a display table - or if you want to do any kind of public speaking on a myriad of topics … we have a job for you! Outreach is clearly important to both the ongoing health of our organization and to the birds and habitats that we want to protect. Please consider volunteering in some outreach capacity by contacting Joan Sattler at joanfsa27@gmail.com or calling Gary Metzger at 570-651-0121. We'd love to have a list of people we can call to help out.

LycoBirds.com has recently released their SPRING 2017 LycoBirds Seasonal Report 



For more information about the birds of Lycoming County visit http://www.lycobirds.com/ 


Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv

Lycoming Audubon Society has a new mechanism to quickly notify individuals of bird sightings or impromptu birding trips via e-mail. This involves joining "Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv".  If you are interested in receiving these notices please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the distribution list.

Lycoming Audubon’s Board of Directors has a “wish list” of projects that we agree are very worthwhile.  Realistically, the Board can not accomplish these projects without a “champion” to lead the charge.   If one of these projects is near and dear to your heart, please consider “adopting" it with guidance, assistance and support from your LAS Board.  Contact Joan at (570) 651-0131 to discuss further.

1. HAWK WATCH on North White Deer Ridge (formal data collection for Golden Eagle migration at this location would be especially valuable).

2. Conservation Education liaison with Rider Park, the Waterdale Environmental Center and others. Do you want to help teach youngsters about the magical world of birds? Sign up to help our group of aspiring educators.

3. A cam site connected to our webpage (Peregrine or Eagle nest would be neat).

4. Feeding station/birding program at a few local nursing homes.

5. LAS Kestrel Box trail.




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