Summer Picnic
July 27, 2016
Our ANNUAL Picnic - Rider Park, 6:00 pm
This is our annual picnic, suitable for the whole family. Everyone brings a dish to share, along with their own paper tableware and utensils. The chapter will provide beverages.....soft drinks and water, along with a special treat of sundaes made with genuine Eder's ice cream! We meet at the covered pavilion , just up the hill from the parking lot. (You may drive up to the pavilion.)
Rider park is at the end of Calebs Creek Road, turn right just 0.8 mile north of downtown Warrensville, follow dirt road a mile and a half to the park. Gate will be open.

Following dinner, you may wish to take a walk on one of the parks several trails, so bring your binoculars, too! 

Ed Reish Remembered

In May we lost one of Lycoming Audubon’s stalwart members, Ed Reish. He was remembered fondly at the most recent LAS meeting at the JV Brown library.
Ed served on the LAS board for 33 years in various positions, either the conservation chair or a director at large. Ed was talented as a “builder”, and he made many items the chapter used for years, such as the box for toting equipment to meetings and a huge peregrine falcon silhouette to advertise a project. He also crafted name tags for every member of the board while he was active, and was responsible for acquiring the Lycoming Audubon logo pins that many of us wear. In 2012 Ed was named the chapter’s only “Director Emeritus”.

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Field Trips for Summer 2016 Announced

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Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv
Lycoming Audubon Society has a new mechanism to quickly notify individuals of bird sightings or impromptu birding trips via e-mail. This involves joining "Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv".  If you are interested in receiving these notices please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the distribution list.

Lycoming Audubon’s Board of Directors has a “wish list” of projects that we agree are very worthwhile.  Realistically, the Board can not accomplish these projects without a “champion” to lead the charge.   If one of these projects is near and dear to your heart, please consider “adopting" it with guidance, assistance and support from your LAS Board.  Contact Joan at (570) 651-0131 to discuss further.

1.  HAWK WATCH on Northern White Deer Ridge (formal data collection for Golden Eagle migration at this location would be especially valuable).

2.  Conservation Education liaison with Rider Park (Rider Park has expressed an interest in partnering with us).

3.  A cam site connected to our webpage (Peregrine or Eagle nest would be neat).

4.  Feeding station/birding program at a few local nursing homes.
5.  LAS Kestrel trail.                                         


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