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14 - South Williamsport River Walk bird walk, 9am
25 - January monthly meeting ("The Yucatan Experience: Cenotes, Aves, and Ruinas” with Wayne Laubscher), 6pm
28 - Winter Birds of Northern Lycoming County field trip, 8:30am

22 -February monthly meeting (“A Walk on the Wild Side” with Robyn Graboski), 6pm

Winter birding is great too.  Here are some local beauties seen recently!

Bluebird seen during 12/31 Lock Haven-Jersey Shore CBC
Wayne Laubscher photo

Norther Harrier seen during 12/31 Lock Haven-Jersey Shore CBC
Wayne Laubscher photo

Snowy Owl seen 1/8 near Le Raysville, Bradford County
Wayne Laubscher photo

same Snowy as above




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WINTER FIELD TRIPS for December - January - February ANNOUNCED : See the FIELD TRIP PAGE

For more information about the birds of Lycoming County visit http://www.lycobirds.com/ 

Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv
Lycoming Audubon Society has a new mechanism to quickly notify individuals of bird sightings or impromptu birding trips via e-mail. This involves joining "Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv".  If you are interested in receiving these notices please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the distribution list.

Lycoming Audubon’s Board of Directors has a “wish list” of projects that we agree are very worthwhile.  Realistically, the Board can not accomplish these projects without a “champion” to lead the charge.   If one of these projects is near and dear to your heart, please consider “adopting" it with guidance, assistance and support from your LAS Board.  Contact Joan at (570) 651-0131 to discuss further.

1.  HAWK WATCH on North White Deer Ridge (formal data collection for Golden Eagle migration at this location would be especially valuable).

2.  Conservation Education liaison with Rider Park, the Waterdale Environmental Center and others.  Do you want to help teach youngsters about the magical world of birds?  Sign up to help our group of aspiring educators. 

3.  A cam site connected to our webpage (Peregrine or Eagle nest would be neat).

4.  Feeding station/birding program at a few local nursing homes.
5.  LAS Kestrel trail.                                         


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