Red Eyed Vireo eating Arrowwood Viburnum berries ( a bird friendly planting)
 Photo taken by Charles Hildebrand in his backyard,  Woolrich - 8/18/14

 WINTER Hummingbird C O N T E S T !

Western species of hummingbirds have been turning up with increasing frequency in Pennsylvania.  Ornithologists are very interested in learning more about these wayward hummingbirds.  Your participation can help contribute to the growing body of information about migrating hummingbirds, LAS will offer prizes to the first three individuals who are able to attract a vagrant hummingbird and allow the bird to be banded for science.

How to Enter:  Residents in Lycoming, Sullivan, Clinton and Tioga Counties are eligible.  Maintain a hummingbird feeder through December. If you notice any hummingbird at your feeder, call one of the contest numbers listed below immediately.

NOTE: Maintain a clean feeder. Sugar/Water ratio is 1-4. Red food coloring is not recommended. If temperatures are predicted to go below 25 degrees you may want to bring your feeder inside for the night. Maintaining your feeder into winter will not prevent the resident Ruby-throated Hummingbirds from migrating south.

The first three winners can choose one of the items below.

1.) A copy of The Sibley Guide to Birds: A comprehensive
birding guide to all the birds of North America.

2.) $25.00 Gift certificate to Gander Mountain.

Williamsport Area
(570) 494-1308

Lock Haven Area
(570) 748-7511

Email: hummingbirdcontest@comcast.net

Make a difference for hummingbirds.  Be a part of Audubon's first all digital mobile citizen science network.  The Hummingbirds at Home website and smart phone app make it easy and fun to keep track of hummingbirds you see while collecting valuable data that helps ornithologists understand how to protect them.  Check it out at:   www.hummingbirdsathome.org

Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv
Lycoming Audubon Society has a new mechanism to quickly notify individuals of bird sightings or impromptu birding trips via e-mail. This involves joining "Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv".  If you are interested in receiving these notices please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the distribution list.


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